Oregon: Camping with the critters

Given that it’s -8 F here in Vermont right now, I’ve taken great pleasure (envy) looking at photos from 2016 when we traveled across the States in the van with two dogs and a cat called Stevie. 7000 miles more or less in just under three months. I’d like to do it again. Or a version of another long exploration like that one. But. I’m at grad school, based in Vermont until May 2020.
My dreams are of course floating around, ways to get out of this little town, places to explore how and when that’d be possible. I’m not sure how to do this. One thought is that Route 2 goes from here all the way across the States ending up in Washington. We drove it for quite a ways that summer, Montana and Washington. Beautiful. If I can get time off my work commitments for the Vermont Book Awards 2018, I could happily drive across and back. Another 5000 miles perhaps? Ah, nothing. I did 4500 miles in November to get back to New Mexico.
Okay, so photos from the original Van Life book. Sigh. It’s cold here. IMG_20160604_070945065DSC00190IMG_20160616_113127IMG_20160617_141328576dsc00269img_20160703_151406

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