Traveling with a cat

Little Stevie’s Travels: The Photo Essay book reminds me of our cross country trip from 2016. I’m so keen to get back out on the road. I’m not sure how he’ll do going back to New Mexico from Vermont in the 4Runner though. There will be way to much stuff and nowhere for us to sleep and hang out. I’m worried that he’ll be stressed out completely and so I’m looking at the ways we can simplify much of the 2200 miles. I’m thinking about how we can set up the back of the truck with all my bedding and he can lie on top and stare out the windows. Or will he want to hide down low? Where do I put his litter tray? Right, way at the back so I don’t have to smell it as we drive. What else can I do? Book the motels along the way so that I know I just have to get to the right place and not worry about persuading someone to take me, Stevie and two dogs after driving in the heat of the day.
Perhaps I book places that I can arrive by mid-afternoon and leave at four am? Drive in the cool mornings? Oh decisions, decisions.


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