OPEN LETTER: Santa Fe Animal Control

Remember a case against a man in Madrid for his vicious dogs attacking the neighbor’s dogs and horses? August 21st2015? Remember how you were presented with evidence, photos, testimonials, and a community petition? Remember how this man has been brought to court repeatedly over the last decade for owning vicious dogs? And remember how on the final court date, Paul Portillo, the Animal Control Supervisor didn’t show up and so the case was dropped? Remember how you did nothing to protect us, his neighbors?

Well, since that time four years ago to the week, those dogs have attacked me, bitten a neighbor, and now killed two of our dogs. One was Lulu, she was in her own yard when attacked. Then this week, Rosie, my own dog, was at home when killed by that pack of dogs from next door.

I hold you responsible.

Let me be even more blunt. You did nothing to protect us.

I am not safe. In my own home. Even though it’s too late for Rosie, you could help this time. You can prosecute. You can remove all his dogs and forbid him from owning others as did the judge in Corrales. But will you? Will you protect me and my family? My neighbors? I have little hope since you didn’t even show up when I called the Sheriffs, you didn’t look for evidence, check for Rosie’s blood on those neoghbor’s pack of dogs. You have done nothing.

So my question is, who’s next? Me? Are you waiting for the same dogs to come into my yard, surround me, attack me, tear me apart and leave me to bleed to death? As they did to Rosie?

My dog is dead. Remember her name. Rosie.



3 thoughts on “OPEN LETTER: Santa Fe Animal Control

  1. Remembering Rosie.

    Santa Fe County Animal Services – there is a difference between County and City of Santa Fe Animal Services.


  2. Great letter, have you sent it yet? Paragraph 5 neighbors spelled wrong near the end.

    We are mobilizing here. We’re gonna nail his ass.

    Sending love R


  3. This is truly a case for NOT protecting and NOT serving the community. What is it going to take for law enforcement to step in? No wonder So many agencies get sued.


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