Craft: How to find your characters

Dip in and out of these questions to get to know your characters in all their dirty secretive joyful lives.


  • Date of birth
  • Astrology!
  • What do they like to eat, drink?
  • Favorite clothes
  • Favorite music
  • What do they do on their time off?
  • Where did they grow up?
  • How far did they get in school?
  • What’s the priorities? The goals?
  • What are they scared of doing? Being?
  • What is the social place your character lives in?
  • What is the story that can only happen to them?
  • Find a specific gestures, walk, or look for them
  • How do they rationalise their actions to themselves?
  • To others?
  • Find the details that are so telling; a gesture, verbal tic, action
  • A memory from pre-teens
  • A memory from teens
  • A memory from twenties
  • What will they sacrifice for dreams?


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