Writing Studio/Bus for rent

It’s nuts out there. Do you need an escape for a month or more? I’m open to renting out my studio and 1948 school bus for short-term trips to Madrid, New Mexico. Writers and artists could use this time and space to complete their creative projects in a quiet and unique environment without distraction and safe from the pandemic. It’s quiet here and we want to keep it like that, make the most of it.

Hillend, my home, is located on 20 acres in the high desert landscape of Santa Fe County. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, and nature walks. Located less than a 30 miles from downtown Santa Fe, an incredible creative city, and only ten minutes from Madrid, NM. Hillend is a great place for those looking for a rustic and rural setting with access to art, music and history.

The 1948 School Bus is a dry (no running water) space just down from my home, out of sight yet close enough for company if so desired. It’s furnished with a twin bed, a desk, a wood-burning stove, a deck that looks over the Ortiz Mountains, as well as a personal detached outhouse. While the bus has neither electricity nor running water, writers have a small two ring burner, cooler, firewood, and basic kitchen set up. I lived in there for some years as I built my own home so it’s comfortable and cosy – although short, that is, if you’re taller than 5’7, you’ll feel hunched over, sorry.

You can find photos of the bus on Airbnb 


The Studio would be the work space. It’s approximately 150 sq. ft strawbale with a simple wooden table, chair, and futon sofa bed, facing the Ortiz Mountains. I’ll set up a simple solar system to charge your laptop and phone. There will be a small generator for emergencies too.

$500 month for both spaces and includes your own private space, internet, and solitude that’s close to a thriving creative community, although right now, Madrid’s galleries, cafe and restaurants are only open on the weekends for health safety reasons. Month to month. The spaces will be closed off for a week between visitors to sanitize.

Access: You’d need to rent a SUV if you fly in from somewhere else as the road is a mile of dirt and stones, a bit rough for newcomers. It’s not bad, sedans drive up and down all the time but heh, if you’d like not to worry, hire something with ground clearance.

Contact me today to get preferred dates.

Let me know why this appeals. Thanks.

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