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After years of being half-hearted in my commitment to writing, I know that this is my life’s work. I love sharing stories, offering creative writing advice, writing book reviews, supporting other writer’s projects, and of course, sharing my experiences from the road to inspire you to travel as well as entertain the armchair travelers. Truth is – I need your help.

Please consider becoming a Patron.
For as little as $1/month, your financial support would help pay for the costs of running the various websites, take the time to promote the work and events, get to trade shows and conferences, and still pay for my very simple lifestyle.

(For those that don’t know me so well, I live in a small 2003 Dodge van that I converted into a usable home and studio, even with a writing desk, dog beds, and mountain bike. I have cut out all extras and need very little to survive, websites, Verizon, insurances, vehicle maintenance, and yes, the dogs.)

I would like to keep you as part of my creative, travel, and personal life. The emotional support of knowing you care enough to subscribe to this website, to the newsletters, to the Wanderlust Journal keeps me motivated. Your interest in my projects makes all the difference; writing and solo traveling can be isolating (but not lonely!).

With your help, I’ll be able to share more of these behind scenes of a life as a writer and wanderer: A long-distance creative life, including access to early drafts, read non-traditional work that would not be published by the mainstream, read extra material cut from published books (scenes, characters, ideas etc.). I’ll even use your first name in a story, and acknowledge your role in keeping me creative in my next novel. I’m also more than open to host a Q&A online.

Your financial support will make this all possible.

Thank you.

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