S1E3: Modes of Travel


S1E3: On Modes of Travel: You Can Go Far with Whatever You Have

In today’s episode, we are focused on the various modes of travel. My advice, use what you have. Feet, bikes, motorcycles, 2WD, 4×4, cars, vans, and trucks of all sizes can take you where you want to go – for the most part. With that in mind, I’ll be reading from trip reports from each of those options, to inspire you to appreciate the vehicle you have and how far you can go. We’ll have a full episode on each of these versions of exploring the world later in the season.

Hiking: Anne-Marie Wells Happiness in Iceland

Rafting: Chris Wiewiora https://wanderlust-journal.com/shop/

Motorcycle: Tiffany Coates http://tiffanystravels.co.uk

Roshni Sharma https://www.tripoto.com/india/trips/roshni-sharma

Michelle Lamphere on https://adventureriderradio.com/michelle-lamphere

Bicycle: Ruth McIntosh https://wanderlust-journal.com/shop/

2WD: Me in a 1972 VW semi automatic Beetle going across the Continental Divide in July. More recently in a 2003 Dodge van, over 65,000 miles exploring the States and into Baja with pets (more another time on doing that) https://bookshop.org/books?keywords=Sarah+Leamy

4×4: Carla King in Baja  https://www.discoverbaja.com/2019/02/04/trip-bahia-concepcion-la-purisma-san-juanico/


Resources: Overland Expo, Online forums, FB groups, Instagram, YouTube: stories and videos of all kinds of travel. Information, community, inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/user/sarahleamy/videoshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf13FVNsn3m7IfwOLDHjvXw

The best advice is to build ‘vehicle sympathy’ (Graham Jackson), know your vehicle, get trained, take basic recovery gear and know how to use it. If in doubt, get out and walk the section. It bears repeating, we’ll have a full episode on each of these versions of exploring the world later in the season as well as training opportunities.

Submissions to Wanderlust: https://wanderlust-journal.com/submissions/

For more on my own travels and writing: https://sarahleamy.com

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