S1E4- Put Your Boots On


In today’s episode, you’ll hear passages on the topic of through-hiking, that is the day-to-day challenge of following your feet across mountains and deserts. We’ll read what motivates folks to do just that, the people met along the way, and some of the ups and downs that come with it. For one writer, it was her knickers…

Megan Okkerse: https://meganokkerse.substack.com/p/everyone-cries-on-the-camino

Rahawa Haile: https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/hiking-and-backpacking/hiking-appalachian-trail-rahawa-haile/


“Fear and Loathing on the Camino Santiago” by Mark West. The fuller post was published on the Wanderlust website a few years ago and itself is an excerpt from a larger piece. https://wanderlust-journal.com/2018/12/01/fear-and-self-loathing-on-the-camino-de-santiago-by-mark-west/

Tramping: A Journey Through New Zealand with Captain Cook. Sam Brakely. Soon to be published by Wild Dog Press: https://wilddogpress.com

Bill Bryson, Cheryl Strayed, and for Brits of a certain age (!) Laurie Lee.

Resources: For hiking across the world, here’s a great website for you to read, https://www.thehikinglife.com/hikes/asia/

For queer POC hikers, there’s a great community in the PNW (USA): https://qpochikers.com

(They might have ideas for other such groups outside of the States, it’s worth asking.)

For a US based community that helps planning and logistics etc: https://thru-hiking.com

For a list of 100 hiking and outdoor social media/ resources: https://www.fieldmag.com/articles/black-indigenous-poc-outdoor-instagram-accounts

If you’re curious about the submissions process to Wanderlust: https://wanderlust-journal.com/submissions/

And for more on my own travels and writings: https://sarahleamy.com

Please subscribe and become a patron for as little as $5/mth – you’ll have the simple joy of knowing you’re supporting this podcast https://wanderlust-journal.com/2022/03/22/please-consider-becoming-a-patron/


Music by Sofia Nehama Avery @2022 http://www.nehamamusic.com


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