Slow and Easy Does It:

A Beginner’s Series of Meditation in Movement (aka Yoga!)

After a few rough years, physically, I decided that enough was enough. I’m doing whatever I can to avoid surgery and to get my life back. I’m reading and listening to podcasts about neuroscience (something I’ve been fascinated by since a teenager), learning about pain, neuro-plasticity, meditation, and now putting that into a yoga practice. And being me, I’m taking that further and on a teacher training program to share this with you. In the meantime, I asked various friends what makes yoga welcoming and/or off-putting. I’ll gather my thoughts on that and add it to another post but for today, I started videoing my own process. It’ll be fascinating to see how my relationship to my body changes, my posture, sense of comfort and calm. Even after a month of this mix of research, I’m no longer on multiple daily pain pills. I’m out walking, biking, and more. I sleep better. My mood is more even. I am thankful to be here.

It’s rough, volume is down at the start but gets better. Funny to watch, for me, that is! haha. Billie helped.

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