S1E6-The Art of Solo Travels


In today’s episode, you’ll hear more on the topic of solo travelers. Since my early twenties, I’ve been inspired by many of the following names. With this episode in mind, I did more research and came up with this how-to, taken from a few articles and presentations of mine on how I have wandered off the beaten track alone and kept my safe (so far)…

Inspiration. Laurie Lee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/As_I_Walked_Out_One_Midsummer_Morning

Research/Preparation. Languages, routes, culture, health, etc

Sarah Marquis: https://www.explorationconnections.com/blog/wild-by-nature-interview-with-sarah-marquis

Budget/Financials/Timing: Tiffany Coates (re hair) https://www.globalwomenwhoride.com

Packing. Vehicle dependent, planes, tourist destinations (you can buy what you didn’t bring!)

Tools and Skills. Apps, maps, GPS. A mix of all. iOverlander.com and The Dyrt, as well as printed maps such as Benchmark (USA).

Responses from society/family: Joan Wamayu-Ndarathi and her mother


Food/social engagement. How to meet people? Know yourself!

Focus. What are you focused on while in new places?

Motivation. Skills, challenges, mindset.

Safety: Consider that in the US, 70% of rapes are done by men who know the female victims. And yes, there’s that other 30%. (eg me on train in France at 18.) Tell your friends, hosts, rangers. Spot/GPS trackers. Walkie-talkies (eg Motorola T600). Camping solo tricks. Self-defense training opportunities.

The Art of Solo Travels: https://fempotential.com/web/20170302035117/http/www.fempotential.com/scared-solo-female-traveler/index.htm

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Music by Sofia Nehama Avery www.nehamamusic.com.


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