S1E8: Let it Snow!


A little tongue in cheek as I record this from Baja California, Mexico, bitching about the night lows of 52 degrees Fahrenheit! I know, I know…poor me.

House Calls by Dogsled by Keith Billington set in the Northwest Territories of Canada from the 1960s.

PolarPreet and her incredibly inspiring solo exploration of Antarctica. Click on her map to hear her latest daily check-ins, support her if you can.

Song, a short piece from the memoir STAY to be published by Madville Publishing in 2023.

Lastly, an offering for a sunnier and warmer event: https://www.escaparalabaja.com

Thank you all. 

Music by Sofia Nehama Avery https://nehamamusic.com

To find out more about your host and her own writing and adventures: https://sarahleamy.com

To read and explore more with the hundreds of international contributors mentioned on the podcast: https://wanderlust-journal.com

The Podcast hosting website: https://wanderlust-journal.podbean.com

To Buy Me a Coffee (as they say!) : https://wanderlust-journal.com/2022/03/22/please-consider-becoming-a-patron/

Events: Escapar a Baja, Mexico in early February, 2023 near La Paz, BCS, Mexico. Check it out if you want a vanlife filled white sand beach kind of week! It’s too busy for me but hey ho…you might love it.

Thanks again, talk to you soon.

Sleam xxx



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