Sarah Leamy was the boring little sister who suddenly left her English life and became the broke nomadic wanderer and writer. She finally settled in New Mexico in her late twenties although she’s still taking extended road trips when she can. As the socially awkward and insecure Brit abroad, she lived first in Europe and then crossed the States and into Guatemala, performing, writing and working odd jobs as she explored new countries alone or with Daisy, her slightly grumpy Border Collie. Since then her stories, poems, essays and articles have been published in numerous online magazines, in newspapers, anthologies, and also in London, Madison, San Francisco and New Mexico. Her second novel, Lucky Shot, won Best Fiction in the 2012 New Mexico/ Arizona Book Awards, and was a finalist with her third, Lucky Find. In 2016, When No One’s Looking won best gay fiction. Van Life was named Grand Winner and Best Nonfiction in the Northwest Book Contest 2017. 

Vermont College of Fine Arts gave Sarah the Director’s Award in 2017. She has also received the Vermont Book Award Fellowship in 2017/8. Sarah has settled in Vermont for her MFA in Writing and Publishing.

You can find out more, buy books, calendars, photo essays and more by checking out these links.

Books are at and on Kindle.

Calendars are available on

Her photographs are on Instagram and on Flickr.

And finally, the other website. The one with the travel stories, gear, and images. Dirt Roads And Dogs. Yep. Worth checking it out.

BRING A CHAINSAW (and other stories from my solo travels) is one of the travelogues available. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to clean up after a hurricane in Florida? Where those dirt roads in Colorado will take you? How to build an adobe and strawbale home by hand? What to expect riding your motorcycle across the States with stilts strapped on the seat? How to keep your mouth shut when living at a Buddhist monastery in England? Or what to wear for your first day at Clown School? Well, wonder no more and buy my book right now!

Facebook, we can’t forget FB.

If you would like to contact Sarah, then please fill out this form and it will get to her. She”ll be in touch.




2 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I lost your email address (well, I actually washed it, so it is really clean). Sorry I missed you on the last day of the Expo. Let me know your email address and I will send you some pictures of travels with my Dormie.
    Good luck with the move to Vermont!
    All the best,



    1. Nothing wrong with a clean email address! Yes, please send me a few photos this week if possible. sleamleamy@gmail. Thanks, I’m writing up my notes tomorrow so perfect timing.


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