Curriculum Vitae


Former PhD research student in Creative Writing, University of Birmingham, UK. 2020-2021

MFA in Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts, VT, 2017-19

Studied in workshops with Julianna Baggott, Connie May Fowler, Lidia Yuknavitch, Matthew Dickman, Jessica Hendry Nelson, Hasanthika Siresena, Sean Prentiss, Steve Almond, and others.

Professional Clown, Clown Conservatory, Circus Center, San Francisco, 2006-7

Photography – Documentary, Pimlico Arts and Media Centre, London, 1991-3

BA German and Geography, Queen Mary College, London University, 1985-89.


Hidden, Second Place in National Federation for Press Women, 2022

Hidden, finalist in NM/AZ Book Awards (Poetry), 2021

Stay, Honorable Mention Red Hen Quill Prose Prize, 2020

MFA Merit Scholarship, 2019

AWP Writer to Writer Program as a Mentor, 2018

Van Life, finalist in the NM/AZ Book Awards, 2018

MFA Merit Scholarship, 2018

Director’s Award, Vermont College of Fine Arts, 2017

Writing by Writers Scholarship- Finalist, 2018

Vermont Book Award Fellowship, 2017/8

Postgraduate Writer’s Conference Scholarship, 2018

Van Life, Grand Winner/ Best Nonfiction, Great Northwest Book Contest, 2017

When No-one’s Looking, Best Gay Fiction NM/AZ Book Awards, 2016

Lucky Find, finalist, Best Gay Fiction NM/AZ Book Awards, 2014

Lucky Shot, Best Gay Fiction NM/AZ Book Awards, 2012


Vermont College of Fine Arts, Alumnx Reading Series. Excerpts from Hidden. December 2020

Virginia Piper Writing Center, Queer Flash Generative Writing Workshop. ASU. November 2020

Devils Party Press, Saved, a short story from anthology. May 2019

Grad Lecture. Lesson from Clown School (Or, How is studying to be a clown like studying to be a writer?). July 2019

South Dakota University, Excerpt from Passing Through. John Milton Writer’s Conference, October 2018.

VCFA, Grad Lecture. A Conversation. Summer 2018.

VCFA, Poetry Jazz Performance, Postgraduate Writer’s Conference, August 2018

Spoken Word/Performance, Montpelier, VT. July 2018

VCFA, MFA Graduation Reading Series. Prose Poetry, Montpelier, VT. June 2018

VCFA Reading Series. Short Stories,  Montpelier, VT. May 2018.

Flash Fiction/ Prose Poetry, VCFA, Montpelier, VT. December 2018

Many more over the years, listed in the resume somewhere…


Hungry Dogs, Somebody Needs Me, Immigrant, & First Dates (Reading at VCFA, July 2019)

On Regret (VCFA, 2018)

I don’t Talk About (VCFA, January 2019)


Old but good:

Links to Soundcloud Recordings:

Link to Sarah reading from Lucky Shot:

As MC for a variety show in Madrid, NM.

As Mabel, Madrid, NM.

Clown Conservatory 2007:

On KRQE Television’s talk show:

Youtube channel with odds and ends:


Sarah is a regular contributor for Rovers North, Classic Land Rover, Santa Fe Writer’s Project, and Hunger Mountain.



Nonfiction Books: Art, Cartoons, Photography Shows

  • Before Coffee II. Comic book. 2018
  • Before Coffee I. Art Show, Plainfield, VT.  2017
  • Not My Dog. Metallo Minatures Show. Madrid, NM. 2017
  • Before Coffee I. Comic book. 2017
  • Photography and mixed media shows, London UK. 1993
  • Photography and mixed media, Madison, WI. 1993
  • Photography and mixed media, Santa Fe Pride, Santa Fe NM. 1997
  • Photography and mixed media, Queer Festival, Albuquerque, NM. 1998
  • Photography, Community Space, East London, UK. 1999


  • Before Coffee/ Living the Dream, Cerrillos Station, NM, June 2017
  • Van Life: Cerrillos Station, NM, April 2017
  • Van Life: NW Contest Awards, LA. April 2017
  • Bring A Chainsaw: Cerrillos Station, NM January 2017
  • Living the Dream: Taos, NM 2015
  • Living the Dream: KBAC RADIO 2015
  • Living the Dream, Santa Fe, NM 2015
  • Lucky Shot: Taos, NM 2012
  • Lucky Shot: Collected Works, Santa Fe, NM 2012
  • Lucky Shot: Santa Fe, NM 2012
  • Lucky Shot: Backroad, Santa Fe, NM 2012
  • Lucky Shot: Albuquerque, NM 2012
  • Lucky Shot: Las Cruces, NM 2012
  • Lucky Shot: KASA- TV 2012
  • Lucky Shot: KOB-TV 2012
  • Lucky Shot: KSFR RADIO 2012
  • Lucky Shot: KUNM RADIO 2012


  • Clowning Around Project, Santa Fe, NM. 1999- 2010: Teaching clowning skills, juggling, acrobatics, all ages. Monthly
  • Madrid Volunteer Fire District, NM. 2011. Wildland firefighter trainee
  • Engine House Theatre, Madrid, NM 2008- 2014: Stage manager, Producer, Performer, Publicist as needed
  • Madrid Cultural Projects, NM 2008: Producer, publicist, co-ordintator of annual Gypsy Festival
  • Madrid Cultural Projects, NM 2008: Producer, publicist, co-ordintator of Blues Music Festival
  • Santa Fe Community Theater, NM 2001-3: Shakespeare, melodramas, and Agatha Christie
  • MC for various fundraisers and shows: Santa Fe, NM 2000- 2015
  • Vaudeville 101: Produced, wrote, and performed a solo show, Santa Fe, Madrid, Albuquerque and Las Cruces, NM 2009
  • Circus School: Produced, wrote, and performed in monthly clown shows, San Francisco, Sept 2007-May 2008
  • Undercurrents: Solo monologues show. Performed, wrote, and produced, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, NM, 1999


  • Hunger Mountain Review, VT, 2017 – 2018
  • Upstreet Journal, MA, 2017 – 2021
  • Wanderlust Journal, VT, 2017 – ongoing
  • New Mexico Small Business Development Center, NM, 2017


  • Savoy Theater, Montpelier, VT 2017
  • Theater of Death Production, Madrid, NM 2017
  • Joe West Music, The Midwest, 2017
  • Theater of Death, Madrid, NM: Sept-Oct 2016
  • Theater of Death, Madrid, NM: Sept – Oct 2015
  • Theater of Death, Madrid, NM: Sept – Oct 2014
  • Engine House Theater, NM: 2008-2010