What happens in Texas stays in my head: Families belong together



Too much coffee. Not enough Monday. No. Wrong way. Confused. Broken mind. Church bells ring. Head pounds. Guilt and shame. Sin and redemption. Couldn’t sleep. Images of kids screaming in holding cells in Texas. Guards laughing. On repeat. German. English. Nazis. Republicans. Same game. Blame game. Policy. History repeats. America First slogans. No escape. Nights long and lonely: Toddlers left in dirty diapers. Mothers. Fathers. Torn nails. Punched guts. Silence inside. Shut down. Head pounding. Rain falling. Sleep gone. Shame to be in America. Helpless. Voiceless. Powerless. And simply terrified that I’ll be deported again. I’m scared to speak out. I’m ashamed of my silence. I’m lost in these sheets of rain and rage.

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