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Sarah Leamy is a British novelist living in the USA and Mexico whose writing is known for its unique blend of  nontraditional protagonists, Southwestern landscapes, and stories that challenge the status quo. 

Leamy’s characters navigate complex themes of gender, sexuality, class, power, poverty, drugs, and mental health in unexpected ways. With vivid descriptions of the American Southwest, its landscapes, animals, and lifestyle, Leamy’s distinctive voice brings you into the visceral experience of those struggling to find a sense of connection. Her work is known for its strong independent women who challenge social norms, unpredictable plots, and richly drawn characters. 

Sarah Leamy is the author of StayG’Dog, Hidden, When No One’s Looking, Lucky Shot, and Lucky Find, as well as Van Life. Her shorter work has been published in Los Angeles Review, Hunger Mountain, Santa Fe Writers Project, and others. Find out more here. On this website you’ll find pages dedicated to her writing, the books published, the travel writing podcast and others.


STAY, a hybrid memoir full of stories, sketches, and more…

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Also, The Best Small Fictions Anthology 2022 came out in March 2023:

Her Other Most Recent Publications Include:


Flash fiction from Finishing Line Press

RELEASE DATE   Mar. 25, 2022

G’Dog is a collection of vignettes set in the animal world and inspired by a few anonymous Russian fables of the early 20th century. 

“Gritty and heartening, these fables give us a magical look at critters, creativity and life itself.”

Denise Ryan (award-winning journalist and essayist)

“Unconditional love for animals, art, words, and weirdness.”

Kayleigh Marinelli (The Fantastic Fabricated Life of Lyle Parker)

“Here is a mad romp into the lives of animals; a work of expansive, fundamental empathy.”

Miriam McEwen (Editor at South Carolina Review)

“Genuine animal-sprinkled stories that will suck you in.”

Gina Tron (Employment)


Post Office Box 1626

Georgetown, KY 40324                       www.finishinglinepress.com


Finishing Line Press, 2021


“Memory lives on the cusp between life and dream, seeing and saying, falling to pieces and finding form. Sleam’s Hidden is a brilliant constellation of fragments, flashes, and waves that collect emotion, memory, desire, love, animals, land, and identities. This work is nothing short of breathtaking to me. Defiant in form, tender of heart, I took it into my body without hesitation. A heart triumph.”

–Lidia Yuknavitch, (Verge, Misfit Manifesto, Chronology of Water)

“Humorous, sensual, and vulnerable. Sleam’s narrative poems whisper the intricacies of relationship, appealing to the voyeur in all of us.”
–Jasminum McMullen, (By the Hour)

“Tess Gallagher once said that ‘The best love poems confirm something we secretly felt but never said’. I think this is true about Sarah Leamy‘s Hidden though the poems in this collection go even further: not just confirming something we never said but giving that secret thing a language that can hold it. In this beautifully narrative collection we are blessed by a poet whose central power is love. What a gift. Especially in a world that seems less and less interested in something so radically powerful. Hidden should not be hidden at all. It should be shared with everyone.”

–Matthew Dickman (Wonderland, 2018)

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