Ready to Finish Your Manuscript?

If you have a body of work that has been lingering for a while and you know it just needs a little help to make it the best that it could be, then working with someone like me could make all the difference. We’d talk about our strengths, where the meaning gets lost, and play with ideas for how to create something you’re proud of.
As a nontraditional writer, it’s hard to find a mentor who understands. One with real world experience as an author, editor, and publisher. Well, I know that feeling. I’m not your average straight white woman, more of an androgynous and queer I’d like to help…as a new writer and student, that said, I’d like to help if I can. When I was finding my own writing path, I didn’t have role models offering validation or permission to tell stories in my own way. Now I can offer you just that. In depth, one on one collaborative development of your work.

Manuscript Consultations:

  • An organic conversation with your questions and needs coming first.
  • Brainstorming together with your goals in mind.
  • Practical advice.
  • Performance driven.
  • Developmental editorial work on a specific manuscript.
  • Craft and technique articles.
  • Feedback and critiques on specific projects, letters, pitches etc.
  • Resources/ websites/ information sharing.
  • Fee $35-55 p/hr (Via PayPal) with a 2 hour minimum.

In the last few years, I have worked with short story writers, poets, novelists, creative non-fiction/memoirists and screenwriters, including Helen Armstrong, Jeniah Johnson, Bisi Archuleta, Lori Swartz, Anne Leonard and Ann Stanley.

Mentorship Program: A more longterm relationship

  • Structured with weekly goals and tasks.
  • Longer-term relationship for accountability and growth.
  • Focused on your self-development as a writer and in life.
  • Discussing your personal situation, challenges and strengths.
  • Conversations shaped to your changing needs and goals.
  • Sharing my experiences and resources.
  • Results are less clearcut and tend to be more incremental with your confidence in your own writing skills building over time.
  • Fees depending on time commitments and your budget. I’ll work with you to make sure you can do this without too many problems.

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