20200323_1521551435035931443787981.jpgBackpack1Bangbang1Clock1First morning1Payup1Teacup1Throwing rocksTraintracksTurtle3Turtlebellyupthetower172381138_10218069094652040_1182330197949546496_ofullsizeoutput_b11genderfuck paintingIMG_20170526_071019_656IMG_20171020_085622_375ScanSKM_C45817080910510SKM_C45817080911140IMG_20180112_163327_978IMG_20180308_120757IMG_20180404_095416_454FUZZIMG_20190217_204722_362IMG_20190227_183344_527IMG_20181223_084738_503DREAMING HAROLDBEFORE COFFEEAnother project of mine is to sketch. This is an ongoing collection of those drawings. I wake up, make coffee and sit in bed with the sketch pad. I’m having fun and hope you enjoy these quirky characters inspired by those around me. And, yes, I live with two dogs and a cat called Stephen.The Comic Book: shop here! There are now two collections in print.Getting upwp-image-567932172jpeg.jpegwp-image-1832245968jpeg.jpegimg_20170211_092732_832wp-image-199937959jpeg.jpegI started by looking for images that made me smile, began to copy some styles, and carried on from there. I’m having fun. Enjoy!

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