Kirkus Indie review 2011

While some may find the subject matter dismal and the novel’s chilly tone depressing, readers who enjoy vulnerable, flawed characters will find themselves engaged by Lucky’s courageous attempts to leave the past behind. Leamy’s writing is solid, but the book’s tendency to abruptly jump between the past and the present can be distracting. Still, readers who have been down on their luck, especially in these difficult economic times, will find themselves sympathizing with Lucky and will ultimately be inspired. For a hefty dose of harsh reality, tempered by the kindness of others, give this book a “shot.”
Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media



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Author: Sarah Leamy

Sarah Leamy is a freelance writer, a novelist, and cartoonist. She is a MFA student at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She is on the editorial team at Upstreet, Hunger Mountain, and Wanderlust-Journal. She is currently writing a collection of short stories as well as a novel called Buzzed, Busted, and Broke. She has lived in England, Germany, Spain, Guatemala and the Southwest of the US. Sarah lives in Vermont.

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