Backroads Camping (Part 2)

US 60 reaches I25 and joins the interstate heading south. There is no frontage road, its the interstate south to Socorro or…I took a chance and followed a dirt road and turned west onto B12, and all dirt road that skirted Ladron Peak to the south of us. We took another break. Traveling my way is very slow by the way so don’t come with me unless you drive at a snails pace and get distracted frequently.

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The road was a mix of gravel and caliche, graded, wide and even. A good surface but still restricted to 25 mph most of the way. I did see a wooden sign with the words Magdelana 49 miles. I relaxed at that point. We were heading in the right direction.

I let the dogs out to run until we came to a junction. No signs. Both paths seemed to head in roughly the south-west direction so I took a chance. The road immediately narrowed, steeper and more intense. Uh oh. I kept going anyway. Why not, right? There were no other vehicles at all. I stopped at the peak of one range and looked down into the valley below, our road winding through the mountains ahead. Damn, it was windy and incredibly beautiful. Yep, much better than the fast I40.

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The road took to the hillside, dropping off to the wash below. I came around one corner and another junction without signs. I took the southern route and found ourselves facing a huge wide wash/ arroyo with water. I took a moment, slipped into 4WD and crossed the water and fingers. It was only inches deep after all! Oh well, I kept driving until we came to Magdelana. Those 49 miles took over 2 hours. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in a rush.

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