William's Creek Reservoir, CO

The last week of May I took my brother Pete and his girlfriend Anita up to Colorado. Neither had been there before. The forecast was for freezing temperatures overnight but they were game for a camping trip. With my 4Runner full of dogs and tents etc, they followed in the rental car with bedding and beer. The essentials.

DSC03008 DSC03002 DSC03001

I forgot the batteries for the air mattress pump and Pete had to blow it up. From sea-level to 8500 ft and he still managed. Good fella!

DSC02999We spent the night settling in, the dogs lay around on their tethers. The fire raged and we chatted, ate, and planned a day in Pagosa Springs. The National Forest road is very well maintained and this is a highly used campground. It’s so stunning, on the edge of a beautiful lake in the mountains, I understand why. Incredible place.

DSC03018 DSC03017 DSC03011 DSC03009

In the mornings before anyone was up, I’d make a fire, put the coffee on, and then let the dogs run loose along the lake. Cold air but warm in my coveralls and boots, I’d find a rock to sit upon and relax.

Williams Creek is some 20 miles out of Pagosa Springs on NF 631. There are three campgrounds in the area and only one of the lake. All are dog friendly as long as we keep the dogs either under voice command or on restraints. Harold, being Harold, was allowed to be loose, the others I tied up.

The luxurious springs in town are well worth the money. Friends tell me to just soak in the rock springs under the bridge, but for me its not just being in hot water, it’s the whole experience. The Hotel on the river has 18 different springs all at different temperatures, there’s a cafe/ bar, a swimming pool, cold river access and a sense of decadence that can’t be beat. DSC03026


Up the road from the campsite is Poison Peak Road, another NF track, with places set aside for dispersed camping. I took the dogs for a free run one afternoon and checked out the views for another visit. I love it up here in the mountains but waking up next to the lake has me hooked. I’d probably stay in the trees if the campgrounds were full though.

DSC03033 DSC03029 DSC03028

We will be back! Thanks for coming with me Pete and Anita!


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