New Mexico: Loving where I live

Last night the rain fell for hours and I lay in bed in my little adobe cabin wondering why I am so keen to hit the road. Yes, the rain and the moisture of coastal regions appeal to my English self, but it’s just time. I’m not leaving per se, I just am restless, in need of stimulation, of new places and people. I’m a curious bugger, rarely relaxed unless facing the unknown. After the last eight years of building my own home, finding community here in the Ortiz Mountains near Madrid NM, I am ready to explore again.
I still don’t have anyone lovable or trustable to live with Little Stevie and the girls while I’m gone which is my only worry. He’s all grown up is Little Stevie.


The dogs woke me up early and Stevie was already out the door by the time my coffee was ready and boots were on. The pups ran out the gate and up the road to the usual path to the  east, over looking the Ortiz Mountains and the Galisteo Basin. I followed slowly with camera in hand.



Back to today though, after the rains, the daybreak blew me away with the colors and smells of a misty morning. Here are  a few photos of the walk in the neighborhood. Enjoy and come visit Madrid NM and say I sent you. They’re pretty friendly here.





New Mexico is my home, there is no doubt. The walks we take each day make me smile. I will be back. I just need to explore for a while. I need to refocus on my travel writing, on photography and regain the faith in my ability to live a good life, a creative life, and to break away from the security of a job that drains me.

Rosie agrees. It’s time to go for a ride.




2 thoughts on “New Mexico: Loving where I live

  1. Beautiful photos, Sleam. Wonderful honest self-scrutiny. And joi de vivre! I look forward to hearing where your explorations lead you!


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