Hot Springs Landing, NM

Elephant Butte State Park, NM is only three and half hours from home, in theory. It took us most of the day. I took the long route once again. Poor critters in the back of the van, they simply dozed until the engine stopped and doors were opened.

“Where are we now?” Stevie jumped out and froze on the beach of the reservoir. He huddled under the van and stared around as Harold and Rosie ran flat out across sandy beaches. November in New Mexico was still warm enough for this last minute camping trip. I’d needed a break. I spend my days on the computer, fixing up the house, and walking the dogs. I needed variety. The road called, and the question was where we’d end up.

Elephant Butte Reservoir had not inspired me in the past. Was that because I’d been in summer? No shade, crowded beaches and low water? Perhaps…

This time was a short two night getaway, time to test out the new desk inside, and to unwind on a beach, not that I’d swim but Rosie did. And Harold ran hard, so much so that he limped the rest of the day. Oops.

We did nothing but walk, make campfires, eat and drink. Stevie wasn’t relaxed though and he mostly slept inside the van even though I’d camped under a tree just for him to climb.
Tuesday and Wednesday are good days to camp here, we saw only a couple of others and they were so far away. I drove nowhere, just stayed for three days and then headed home. I’d recommend it for a peace and quiet destination. Yes, you could go to town, find hot springs, diners and cafes, but we didn’t. Not this time. Maybe in January when I get restless again? I’ll let you know what we find. Or have you been there? Any recommendations?

6 thoughts on “Hot Springs Landing, NM

  1. In town are many hot springs, so nice on a winter day. Coffee and light meals at Passion Pie Cafe and fine meals at Latitude 33. Let me know if you want to meet for coffee or tea next time you are in town. Great pictures of the lake; glad you had a quiet time.


  2. The look on my younger cat’s face when we wind up somewhere near a lot of water is endlessly priceless (MOM WHAT is all this WET FOR). My oldmancat just figures it’s something new to yell about, which he’s always in favour of.

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      1. Loiosh will trot quite happily through pouring rain to follow me to the portajohn, or walk through puddles. Sometimes. & then other times two drips of water is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

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  3. Sarah, thanks for the great driving ideas (Stunner Pass!), but especially your pearls of wisdom on midlife crisis, being a long-term US immigrant, and middle-age dating! Looking forward to Van Life, part 2.

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