Southwest to Northeast

It’s been a while since I posted about a trip. I’ve been so focused on the Big Move, renting out my home in New Mexico, fixing doors, painting floors, and panicking (quietly). What was I doing? Where was I going?
If you want to read the blow by blow account, you’ll have to check out the other website that’s more geared to my professional writing life, or I can give you a quick update right now?

How about both? I’ll start cross-posting. My travel stories have been getting published with a magazine in England, Classic Land Rover Magazine, and for a few online places here in the States.


Vermont: It’s true. I’ve moved from the sunny mountains of Santa Fe to a rather moist Montpelier, Vermont. Why? How? Well, the how is easier to explain. In fact, in stead of my usual travelogue, I started a graphic novel, well, I guess it’d be a graphic travelogue. Featuring Harold, Rosie, and yes, Stevie is still with us. Cartooning our adventures is a daily pleasure. I thought of publishing on Instagram but have decided to hold on and make it as good as can be. A story of the travels, pets, changing my life at fifty, starting grad school, all of it will be in this next book. I’m excited about this project.

Today, I thought I’d just give you a taste of some of the trips taken this year so far. The list includes, let’s see, Marfa Texas, Quemado in New Mexico, Elephant Butte Reservoir too, oh and a week in Flagstaff, Arizona,  upto Pagosa Springs in Colorado with my family from England , and in and around Madrid, a place that’s been my home on and off for twenty years.



I’m surprisingly wordless these days, which is worrying since I’m about to start my MFA in Writing and Publishing…maybe I’m storing up the stories for the next three years? Hmm.
In the meantime, I’ll come back and fill in a little each week. I did found some great backroads as we drove 2469 miles across, camping by lakes and ponds, mostly swimming and paddling in the evenings.

I’ll find the photos for you, honest! You can follow along on Instagram too, just saying.



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