Woodstock, Vermont

It’s been a while since we got out of town but with a Land Rover event to cover for a magazine, it’s the perfect excuse. We turned up in the Toyota 4Runner and parked up in the top meadow. Away from all the Classic Range Rovers and Series that I love so much. It’s such a funny community we have.


Harold and Rosie and I camped alone in the hills, overlooking the event. Given how my pups are with loose big dogs running up to them, they stayed at camp while I did my job but the rest of the weekend, we got to go on some trails and they came along. Yep, chainsaws and axes were needed.


This next photo is of Steve and his 1951 Series, setting up in the lower field on Friday afternoon.


Rosie did great, playing in open meadows when we had a chance. Harold begged when the picnic came out. The sun shone. I was out in the countryside with the pups and great people. Finally I had a perfect weekend in Vermont in the hills around Reading and Woodstock.

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