Living Out of a Core of Creativity

With curiosity and creativity, we connect deeply with our own stories and across into the lives of others. If, like me, you write as a need to explore emotions, context, and behaviors, then an ongoing practice keeps us on track. Alone at our desks though, that’s hard. A writing group, an intimate one-to-one mentor, or workshops fosters play, a deeper understanding of our strengths and writing ticks, and hold us accountable – in a good way. Would talking to me about your writing help with staying true to your core? Your creative voice? With a background as a freelance writer with a masters in the subject, as a publisher, producer, editor, published novelist and poet, I have built a lifestyle that suits the role of coach and mentor. I can help you. We can touch on various aspects of writing, from defining achievable steps to reach your goals, ways to stay with a project, from the initial idea to writing it out, and then editing and submitting, or whatever brainstorming you’d find most useful.

Pay what feels right and honest to you. We will make it work for us both.  

See for more details and ideas. I am working with three others on both long and short form projects and have time for two to three more. Let me know how I can help you. Thanks.

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