Now What?

A Seminar/Talk on what happens once we return from our travels.

We’ve explored, camped, driven and ridden beyond our normal comfort zone and now we’re back. What do we do with all that we experienced? Learned about ourselves and others? How do we inspire others, especially if we are not part of the social media influencer demographic? In this seminar, Sarah, a writer, wander and publisher, will cover the many ways we can pass along advice, resources, anecdotes, statistics, and more even if we are more private, introverted, or just uninterested in the online platforms. We can still make a difference.

Topics to be covered include:



statistics versus rumors (especially in relation to safety and violent crimes)





food and cooking

good news versus mainstream fear-based narratives

neuroscience and how staying only within our comfort zones causes our brains to diminish over time – the studies that show how travel rewires and reenergizes the frontal cortex

connection and community

focus and motivations

We’ll discuss ways we can make a difference without being social media influencers or followers. Practical steps to inspire others at little to no cost!

BIO: Sarah Leamy is a bit of a writer and wanderer with a background in publishing. Her book, Van Life, won various awards as a travel memoir in 2016. Born in the UK, she first hitched across Europe as a teen, then the States at 22. Since then she has lived and explored in many countries, slow and steady, often finding work and settling for a short while before moving along. Germany, Spain, England, Wales, USA, Guatemala and now Mexico. With older motorbikes, hitching, by trains, in 1972 VW Beetle, 1993 Toyota truck, 1959 Land Rover, and more recently in a ’95 4Runner and 1999 Discovery, she now drives a 2wd van as far as possible off the highways. She is known as an international solo female traveler, a writer and speaker, inspiring others to go alone with confidence.

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