Taking steps forward.

I pulled out the maps this morning and checked out the route to Arizona. From Madrid, we’re taking Highway 14 South through Tijeras and towards Mountainair. Then we head west on Hwy 60 but instead of meeting up with I25, I’m going to take us south on a dirt road, a National Forest road through the Los Pinos Mountains on B121. A winding route winding back and forth up hill and over to Socorro. This is the morning taken care of.
I order a pet guard for the 4Runner. Harold can sit up front and the kids in the back seats with the camping gear. I’ll relax knowing nothing can build up between the pups as I drive. Everyone gets space and windows.
I’ll check out the next phase on the maps tonight.
Camping with dogs is the best. I’m not giving up on my guys. DSC02105

3 thoughts on “Taking steps forward.

    1. Thanks Donna! I’m going ot have to check out your back roads too! I’m going to take the dogs on a day trip to the Jemez this weekend, on the dirt road through the Sandias into Placitas, up to Jemez and across. Maybe Fenton Lake. Stay in touch, ok?


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