Last Summer into the San Juans

Last summer I took the dogs to the San Juan mountains for a week. We drove the Continental Divide, back and forth. We camped next to lakes, reservoirs and creeks, on meadows and in the trees. I wrote about it in detail on the Expedition Portal website, photos and routes taken.

It’s my desire, my goal, to use this blog for a wider audience, to share places we explored that I recommend (or not!) for those of us who take the dogs on roadtrips instead of leaving them at home. This weekend, we’re heading to the Jemez, and next week into Arizona. I’ll bring you with us if you like!


One thought on “Last Summer into the San Juans

  1. He, he, I suddenly noticed that you’ve fallen prey to the ingenious (idiotic) programming of Olympus?
    I have been writing with them for a couple of years on this issue and warned them that I might decide to charge them l every time I involuntary was forced to market the profile ‘Olympus digital camera’! Just imagine how it would look if a photo report of 50 different pictures everyone showing this caption?
    (Quite unacceptable!)
    Fortunately I’ve found a way to get rid of it! And – I have also bought myself another camera which I’ll probably be using 50% of the time, even though – technically speaking – my M-1 works very good in most situations.


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