Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

Driving towards Salida, CO.
Driving towards Salida, CO.

We spent a night in Howard, Colorado with my friends Brit and AJ, taking it easy after the wet nights in the mountains. Laundry, walking the dogs, all six at that point, and sitting on their porch overlooking the Arkansas river and BLM land opposite. Just what I needed.

DSC03243 DSC03244 DSC03246 DSC03245

By mid-morning I was anxious to keep traveling, so with yet one more cup of coffee, we took US50 West towards Montrose. My plan was to cut across country to find my way to Ouray, CO. I noticed a county road south of Cimarron that would take us through the mountains, past a reservoir (always a good thing), and even offered a NF campground.


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