Dirt Roads And Dogs

I realised recently that my writing has been focuses on travels, the back roads and dispersed camping of summer 2015. For the travel memoirs and calendar have a look at the other blog here.


I haven’t kept up on this blog but used the other one. A local magazine has been publishing with articles of mine, the Madrid Artist Quarterly at this link: have a look!

Classic Land Rover Magazine in the UK published a four page story of mine with photographs in the fall of 2015. Worth getting to know if you like vintage British Rovers!

Land Rover International in the UK also has more recently published a two page story with photographs, not that I’ve seen this one in print yet but I hear it’s out there.


Okay, that should keep you going. But seriously folks, sign up for the Dirt Roads And Dogs blog if nothing else. You will be inspired to explore with your pups, find new campgrounds and see great the mountains and lakes of the Southwest.

2014-09-02 22.57.12.jpg





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