Off Road Trailers anyone?

Yep, I fell for an off road trailer. All this time of camping on the backroads with three dogs and carrying everything in the 4Runner has become tiring in some ways. It might be that this last big trip in Colorado kept us holed up in the truck for a few days and nights of rain.


2015-09-05 07.57.50
Waking up

Beautiful mind, but wet. The tent leaked. That didn’t help. The rest of the trip I changed tactics slightly. It used to be drive a few hours, find a campsite off in the National Forest and pull out the stuff of life and sleep in the truck. This year changed.

2015-05-13 14.27.002015-05-13 14.35.00

This summer we’d drive a few hours, find an even better spot to set up camp for at least a couple of nights with tent, chair, a rubber container of cooking gear and another of dog food. A slower travel style for me made me relax more. It also made me think about 2016’s travel and life plans.
What makes me happiest? Exploring mountains, rivers, and meadows. Camping. Driving. Reading and writing. Creating and producing new projects, whether finishing my home in the hills, or starting another book. Something physical and mentally challenging both.

I came home relaxed and refreshed from a few weeks alone in the mountains. What would be my next project then? Pulling all these random thoughts and desires into one outlet? Is that even possible?
I began to talk about my restlessness and boredom with my close friends. They all suggested I find a new project.

It took a while but after evenings spent online, researching vans, trailers, vehicles, cabins, moving across country, building another structure here in New Mexico, I finally came across something. A trailer. A 1985 M416 military trailer to be exact, one with an aluminium lockable lid, tires to match both the Landy and 4Runner in height.

With the help of a friend, we drove up to Colorado to pick it up.


A snow storm, fog, rain and hail on the way home made me forget that I was towing a trailer for the first time in my life!
Since then, I’ve done more research and yes, I am happy with the type and condition of this trailer I’ve named Little Red. Perfect size for my vehicles, not too heavy nor long. The lid lifts on little gas powered shocks and I can reach in easily. I’ve stored all the camping gear and can even carry more water and food for the dogs as we ran out a few times in summer after spending a few days in the back country. There is only so much stuff the 4Runner would carry! Now though, the trailer has all that we need, ready to go, tent included, and the back of the 4Runner will be the bed ready for a nap or a rainy night without getting the tent up. And now camping with three dogs in the Land Rover seems much more doable!

IMG_20151206_100838686_HDR (1)IMG_20151207_143006928_HDR

It will be the best of both worlds I hope, with some simple camping in one of the trucks and also a chance to set up a base camp and explore in comfort. I’ve even set up a solar powered rope light that charges all day long, attached to the platform at the front, and lines the inside of the lid so as I lift it, the light is on so no more fumbling in the dark. Bear proof dog food. I’ll sleep well whether in the tent or truck. That’s the goal. I’m enjoying my mid-life crisis. It’s not so bad after all, I’ve got the best toys to show it…


For another article on owning an off road trailer, follow this link. I read it this morning and agree with the challenges and hopefully the positives of my new travel style for the dirt roads and dogs.

One thought on “Off Road Trailers anyone?

  1. Looks awesome and sounds just like what you needed. Also, brilliant idea on solar rope light. When I told Peggy she said ohhhh… If I had thought of that, maybe I would not have sold it…haha. Enjoy!!

    Look us up if your in CO.


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