A Collection of Sketches, both verbal and visual.

Leamy peeks into the lives of outsiders, drunks, wanderers, creatives, and the tension between newcomers and those who stay in rural towns along the Rockies.

One narrator empties the joint savings account and runs to Truth or Consequences, NM, renting a run-down apartment in Ocean View Estates and ends up wondering if divorce was such a great idea after all. A single mom struggles with depression after losing her daughter due to one too many DUIs. A seasonal bartender in Durango is robbed of all her belongings but the town comes together for her with a fundraiser. The threat of the neighborhood dogs sends a newcomer down into the arid valley with a pocketfull of kibble and rocks. A fifty-year old woman finds herself waiting to be adopted in local human shelter one weekend. A young child discovers where all their lost teeth end up. These written sketches are enhanced and confused by the addition of visual sketches, her pen and ink cartoons.

As Julianna Baggott says of Sarah, “she’s darkly disturbing, in a good way, mostly.”

And as Hasanthika Siresena wrote, “The technical experimentation and the scope is breathtaking.”

Other references/blurbs could come from Thomas Christopher Greene, Connie May Fowler, and Steve Almond.

Sarah has a national and international readership and platform. Her work adds to the current cultural conversations about gender ambiguity/ fluidity, roles, and meanings, as oftern har narrators remain ungendered for both women and men to identify with. Her thesis on this subject is widely shared across She is the founder, CEO, and editor of an online sharing platform for  travel stories. www.wanderlust-journal.comhad over 56,000 views in the first year, adding to her national reputation amongst the travel community. There is also timely and growing interest in this form of short/flash stories, hybrid works that combine text and visuals. Her art and photography have been in numereous shows in London, Madison, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Madrid, NM.

Sarah Leamy is an immigrant gender-queer writer, editor, cartoonist and auto-journalist based in New Mexico. Born in England, she has spent most of her life in the Southwest of the USA after exploring Europe in her early twenties and the States in her thirties. Two novels won NM/AZ Book Awards (2012/2016) and Van Life, a travelogue, was a finalist in 2018. Sarah is the recipient of the VCFA Director’s Award, Vermont Book Award Fellowship, a scholarship for the Post-Graduate Writer’s Conference, and two merit scholarships for her MFA. AWP selected her for the Mentorship Program in 2018. Other work has been recently published in Hunger Mountain, Santa Fe Project Quarterly, National Book Review Circle, Bunbury Magazine, and was a finalist and honorable mention with Glimmer Train twice in 2018.

Residence: Madrid, NM. Born in Worcester, England.

Comparative Titles include: Pam Houston, Maile Meloy, and Trinie Dalton.

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