Craft: Prompts

Lingering Moments

  1. Make a list of ten most important events in my life.
  2. Pick five from those and write them out again.
  3. Pick one that still resonates. Find the most climactic moment in that event.
  4. Write a paragraph from that moment.
  5. Start an essay with this paragraph. Think of how this weill taek the reader into a moment that is still important and complicated. Create a story as to why this image is important for you.
  6. Add details about the time, era, bigger picture that was going on around the event. The historical and cultural details.



  1. Write a micro essay daily.
  2. Focus on subjects you know nothing about.
  3. Trust the free-writing associations.
  4. Leap and play in the imagination.


Memories Lost

  1. Start with sentences such as I don’t remember, I don’t know, I don’t understand how…
  2. Trust the words.
  3. One paragraph a day. Add to it if you like but get into the habit of focused free-writing.



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