The Travels Section: An Overview 

In this section, I’ll be sharing posts about travel trade shows, trip reports, articles, events, itineraries, and advice. Since a teen, I have travelled alone in Europe, the States, and now in Baja California, Mexico. My stories and suggestions come from those experiences as a solo female traveller.

Rather than publish a print book, I’m working on a series of short pieces about solo travelling, including quotes, statistics, safety tips, anecdotes from mine and others’ trips, as well as sharing great books that I discover. You’ll find those posts here under the Wanderer tab (category).

Events 2022

At Overland Expo West, I am often found in the Author’s tent, selling books of my own, plus those from, a travel journal I founded in 2017. It has a global reach across 67 countries so far and submissions come from many of those.

In the last seven years, at Overland Expo, I’ve presented on topics and panels about Travels on the Cheap, Van Life, Travels with Pets, Solo Trips, and Travelling as a Woman.

You’ll find me in 2022 at the following events:

Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona in May:

Expo Mountain West, Loveland, Colorado in August:

In June, I’ll be taking a month to write at a cabin in the Pitkin area of Colorado. Here’s their own website on the area: I know it better from about ten years ago when I drove around in a 1995 4Runner with three big dogs and little else.

Podcast interview with Kathy Belge from Travels with Squeaky:

“Sarah Van Dweller with Wanderlust” on Solo Women RV Podcast


Go Treads – something I’ve carried and used on a regular basis for the last six years. In fact, I’m using them right now as I update my website from a BLM camp spot in southern Arizona. Good stuff.

“Go Treads ™ were designed in 1975 around one word–simple. It stores in small places and is easy to use. The tire traction mat is put into position in a matter of seconds–no tools, no assembly, no attaching to the tire required. Besides being a traction device, they are also usable as foldable leveling blocks.”


Here’s a selection of travel related videos. I’m trying to condense two youtube channels, it might take a while but here they are.

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