Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring 2022, Windy season in New Mexico. 

How is it where you are? I’m one of the lucky ones, I had a winter in Baja, writing a new novel, working on a non-fiction proposal for another book, and promoting the new short stories coming out this month. I’ve also been sending out my travel reports from exploring Baja as a solo woman on Instagram and Youtube to help others know what’s possible. 

I hope you’re staying creative, healthy and happy.

Take care, Sarah

Do you like to read weird short stories, reminiscent of Aesop’s Fables? Here’s my latest published offering, a chapbook of such odd talking animals in strange situations. As my friend, Miriam wrote: “Here is a mad romp into the lives of animals that has elevated this human’s consciousness to the point of bursting with sight and sound, taste and smell—what it is to touch the world in a more pure way; a work of expansive, fundamental empathy.”–Miriam McEwen (Editor at South Carolina Review and the Swamp)

Out next week! You can get a copy here at Finishing Line Press. 

Overland Expo 2022

I really recommend you get to Flagstaff in May! I’ve been working at and loving the community of Expo West. I’ve presented panels and discussions about solo travels, with pets, on limited budgets and more.
I also sell the Wanderlust anthologies in the Author’s tent with my own travel related books. It’s an incredible event.
Have a look here and then come find me in the tent and say hello. I’d love to meet you in person.

Tee shirts, sweatshirts and the such with cartoons and the Wanderlust Logo. 

And Lastly, Please Become a Patron 

After years of being half-hearted in my commitment to writing, I know that this is my life’s work. I love sharing stories, offering creative writing advice, writing book reviews, supporting other writers’ projects, and of course, sharing my experiences from the road to inspire you to travel as well as entertain the armchair travelers. Truth is – I need your help. Please consider becoming a Patron. 
For as little as $1/month, your financial support would help pay for the costs of running the various websites, take the time to promote the work and events, get to trade shows and conferences, and still pay for my very simple lifestyle. Enjoy motivating this long-distance creative life, including access to early drafts, read non-traditional work that would not be published by the mainstream, read extra material cut from published books (scenes, characters, ideas etc.). I’ll even use your first name in a story, and acknowledge your role in keeping me creative in my next novel.

Sign up here. 

Thank you.

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